The Importance of Brand Voice

The Importance of Brand Voice

When you hop on social media, do you have posts where you can tell who wrote it before you even look at their profile? Do you have favorite ads that just by visuals, tone, and language used, you can name the company before the logo appears? That is an effect of brand voice.

Brand voice is one of the key aspects of a company’s brand. It sets the tone for how the company sounds when they communicate. Like Brock’s  down-to-earth, tell it like it is, voice. Or Nike’s uplifting and empowering “Just Do It.” brand voice is usually a well-defined set of guidelines to ensure all company messaging is presented in a similar manner. But what else can a brand voice do for your company?


The biggest thing a defined voice can do for your company is boost recognition with consumers. As a society, we use so many different platforms to connect, newspapers, tv, radio. Social media alone boasts at least four major platforms and a half dozen others in fluctuation. For companies advertising in these spaces, recognition is a big deal. You want your customers to know when they’re seeing one of your ads or social posts. You want customers to tie that post to your brand so that message will hop to mind whenever they see your logo or another one of your posts. Brand voice can help with that.

By having a consistent voice across all company communications, you increase the likelihood that a consumer will recognize your brand by messaging alone. It’s just like how you might recognize a friend’s text by the words they use.


By giving your brand a specific voice, you can make your company appear more human to your consumers. No one likes to read corporate jargon on social media. With a bit of research into your target audience and a good brand voice, you can make your posts sound like they’re coming directly from the communities that you want to interact with. By making your brand sound like the people you want to interact with most, you’re boosting your chances to make a lasting impression.

Speaking to the Audience

Speaking of interacting with your audience, brand voices can help you talk directly to your target market. By using words and phrases that they’re using, your brand can join in on the conversation without being disrupting to the space. There is nothing worse than having a conversation online and having it burst by a brand that sounds completely out of place. Using your brand voice to join into the conversation, rather than disrupt the conversation is a great way to speak directly to your audience, and, you might find, that they enjoy having you there.


Brand consistency is key for your target market. People want to know what to expect from your brand when they’re buying your product. Having a consistent brand voice lets your consumers know exactly what they’re dealing with. If your brand isn’t consistent in its messaging and voice, you’ll leave your audience confused, unsure what exactly your company can offer them. If your messaging is inconsistent, your product might be as well. Having a consistent brand voice can help alleviate those fears for first time buyers and draw in an audience of consumers who are interested in your brand’s personality and product.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Much like our actual voices, Brand Voices can help you stand out from the crowd. Your voice will make your audience feel more familiar with your brand and build trust. Once consumers trust a brand, they’re more likely to positively interact with your posts and ads or share them with friends and family. They’ll pause more often to read what you have to say and share their own opinions on social posts, thus boosting engagement.

Stronger Connections

By forming a strong brand voice, you’re helping your company create a stronger connection with your consumers. Your voice represents your company’s personality, product, and values. It enables you to reach your consumer in new ways and interact with them on a deeper level. It’s an important piece of your brand’s identity.

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