Is It Time To Refresh Your Brand?

Is It Time To Refresh Your Brand?

Your brand is your first handshake with a customer, your curb appeal, and your promise. Which means rebranding is not a task to take lightly. Over the years, we’ve learned that rebranding should only be executed in the name of good, not evil. Let us explain:

Good: Rebranding to achieve a business goal.

Evil: Rebranding because it sounds fun and looks impressive to your boss or board.

Check out a few of the rebranding projects we’ve worked on lately and the business goals they were built to achieve.


Client: Linn-Mar School District

Business Goal: Create a brand identity that respects the district’s history and can be adapted to display the names of each individual school in the district.

Designer’s Notes: “I wanted to be conservative but not boring. The district needed a distinguished look that was still approachable to the students, teachers and faculty seeing it every day. Hyphens are never pretty so instead of trying to minimize it, we made it useful. Not only does it serve its purpose of hyphenating ‘Linn’ and ‘Mar’, it makes the logo more visually interesting in each different size and orientation.”


Client: CIVCO Radiotherapy

Business Goal: CIVCO is a medical instruments company that broke off their radiotherapy products into their own division. The new department needed an updated brand look that still used the CIVCO name but better positioned the new product line to connect with their target healthcare market.

Designer’s Notes: “CIVCO’s mission statement positions them as a provider of patient-centric radiotherapy solutions. The logo is designed to support that mission statement.

The circle incorporated into the V represents the precise nature of CIVCO’s focused radiotherapy solutions while at the same time represents the a person with arms raised upward as if to be celebrating a victory. With brightened colors and an updated font, CIVCO gained a clean, high tech look that communicated the quality and innovative nature of their products.”


Client: Iowa City Hospice

Business Goal: Refresh the look and feel of the website to better communicate with patients, donors and volunteers.

Designer’s Notes: “Hospice care can be a heavy subject so we wanted the site to feel warm and caring. We found people come to the website for generally the same reasons, so we tackled those head on with a welcoming and easy to navigate website.”


Feel like it’s time for your business to rebrand? Give us a call and we’ll figure out which solution best fits your needs.

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