Case Study: The KONAVI™ Feeder

Case Study: The KONAVI™ Feeder

The Client:

Since 1952, Chore-Time has been an industry leader in providing innovative, quality products for poultry producers. They offer a full range of poultry production systems, including everything from house feeders to climate automation.

Products are designed with the producer in mind, to help keep their houses running efficiently and provide birds with a healthy, productive environment for growth. All products are sold through a global network of authorized, independent distributors.

The Challenge:

In year one, Chore-Time was preparing to launch a new product line of poultry feeders. This new design was created to reduce food waste from spillage, keep birds out of their feeder trays for cleaner food, and provide a better flow for Chore-Time’s automated systems. The new line was initially targeted at Asian markets but would eventually be rolled out in both global and domestic markets.

This presented an interesting challenge. We wanted to keep messaging consistent as the product was introduced to different markets. The product name, messaging, and creative strategy would have to be created with multiple markets in mind. The line would also present producers with innovative new technology. Not only would we be convincing our audience to invest in new equipment, but also to change their habits as poultry producers.

To do this, we adopted a multistage messaging strategy allowing the advertising to evolve with the product as it gained traction across markets. To change a consumer’s habits, we would first need them to understand the product and what it was offering them. The first steps of this plan included:

  • Creating a unique name for the product that was recognizable across global markets: The KONAVI™ Feeder.
  • Positioning the product as an easier-to-access feeder that keeps food cleaner and is less wasteful than competing feeders for both chicks and fully-grown poultry.
  • Focusing product messaging on the innovative design of the new system, and the benefits of the feeder.
  • Creating a digital and print ad campaign to generate awareness and interest.


The Results:

The successful launch of the KONAVI Feeder was the highlight of our first year of working with Chore-Time. Through strategic, targeted messaging, we established the new product as an innovative feeding system that provided cleaner food for birds, and healthier poultry for producers. The result was an impressive 300% increase in sales in Chore-Time’s primary and secondary markets over a 12-month period.

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Next up: showing customers how much better the new feeder was than their current system, and why they should trash their trays.


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