Big Ideas, Big Success

Big Ideas, Big Success

In his song “Big Time” Peter Gabriel sings:
“Big time, so much larger than life.
Big time, I’m gonna watch it growing, Big time…”

If you do something big, you get noticed. And remembered. We advertising pros are always on the lookout for a big idea to get our clients noticed, to make them larger than life. When it works, businesses grow.

Sounds easy, right? Not always.

“Big” also brings to mind words like risky, expensive and time-consuming. Words that make you think twice before you act. But if your big idea has merit – if it’s the right thing at the right time – the rewards can be well worth your investment.

Clients who think big and are not afraid to take creative risks usually achieve the results they’re after. Success is measured by increased market share, enhanced brand awareness and, ultimately, by big profits.

Big Story, Pt. I
Three years ago, we were hired by Vi-COR®, a manufacturer of yeast-based feed ingredients for livestock. Vi-COR was innovative, knowledgeable and customer-friendly. They were also a smaller player that lacked broad-based name recognition.

Fortunately, they were eager to think big. They understood they could not grow their business by marketing themselves like their competitors. They asked us to create a new brand campaign that would knock the socks off their audiences.

Vi-COR did well in dairy but there were many more cows to feed. Our campaign “The Power of V” demonstrated that Vi-COR provides more potent results. Instead of the usual cows and dairies, we produced cow-spotted power vehicles – a dragster, a fighter jet, a high-performance tractor, a souped up VW, a fire engine and a milk tanker truck. A fleet of high-octane Holsteins.

A frequency-heavy media buy put Vi-COR on the map right away. Leads flowed in and sales have risen for three years in a row – during an economic slump!

Big Story, Pt. II
Vi-COR has a terrific product that’s three ingredients in one. And that saves money for dairy producers, especially those with bigger herds. We decided that was a big message for potential customers looking to save without cutting back on quality.

More than ever, Vi-COR was ready to be bold and go big.

To communicate our message ”Flatten Your Feed Costs with Celmanax” we wanted a cow-spotted Holstein monster truck. So we went for the top – Bigfoot. As easy as jumping over a cowpie, we negotiated to use an image of Bigfoot wearing our spotted Holstein look.

We created an ad, magazine insert and a web landing page where producers could calculate savings based on herd size and regional feed costs. We timed it to launch during 2011 World Dairy Expo, the largest industry tradeshow in the world.

Big Story, Pt. III (and counting)
That was so cool, we decided to go even bigger. Before long, Bigfoot itself was sporting Vi-COR cow spots – right there at the front doors of World Dairy Expo. The Bigfoot people were great and went even bigger. They created a Vi-COR cow-spotted 18-wheeler that made quite a splash driving through Wisconsin’s dairyland.

The Bigfoot driver autographed racing pennants for attendees, with an eye to young dairy producers of the future. And Vi-COR handed out 1/64 scale replica toy trucks. People at the show took pictures, tweeted and posted on Facebook and Foursquare. The media did interviews and wrote stories for blogs, websites and print.

Needless to say, the client was tickled. And still is.

Vi-COR is now a continuing BIGFOOT sponsor. The Vi-COR spotted monster truck BIGFOOT Bessie will travel the country to compete. Vi-COR reps will have tickets and pit passes to take customers and prospective customers to a great event.

Now that’s big!

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