Getting Noticed… Big Time

Getting Noticed… Big Time

"Go Big or Go Home," a saying that suggests both risk and failure. Implementing big ideas is not easy for marketers, let alone taking a big idea that has already exploded and making it even bigger. J.W. Morton was able to take a risk and GO BIG with their Vi-COR advertising tactics. Vi-COR teamed up with J.W. Morton several years ago with the hope of creating an ad campaign to boost their sales and get their name on the map. Well, they sure got noticed – big time.

Vi-COR was willing to put their trust in the J.W. Morton team and was ready to jump into it immediately. J.W. Morton has built an outstanding relationship with Vi-COR. They would not have been able to create such a booming campaign without the client’s complete trust, something J.W. Morton takes great pride in.

J.W. Morton rolled out a campaign for Vi-COR called the “Power of V,” which uses cow-spotted power vehicles in the ads for their yeast-based feed ingredient products. The impact was huge – literally. One of the vehicles used in the ads, a cow-spotted monster truck, was brought to life with help from BIGFOOT© monster trucks. Vi-COR and BIGFOOT teamed up to bring the team’s idea to life in the form of a large, cow-spotted, car-crushing, Bigfoot Bessie. Much to the team’s surprise, they were greeted by a second Bigfoot Bessie at the recent Vi-COR open house. Yes, that’s right, there are two cow-spotted trucks roaming the plains now.


BIGFOOT is excited to have a two-year agreement with Vi-COR and is achieving groundbreaking success by teaming up with a non-automotive company, which benefits both parties. BIGFOOT is thrilled to be teamed up with Vi-COR because they share the same set of values: innovation, quality, research and results, and becoming something larger through hard work.

BIGFOOT expects to show the trucks at over 20 events nationwide this year, including the 2012 Monster Nationals points championship alongside defending champions. They are expected to have a large crowd of fans cheering for Bessie with cow-spotted cowbells.

Members of the J.W. Morton team attended Vi-COR’s open house this June to show their support for their client and have some fun. After touring the new facility, J.W. Morton members had a delicious dinner with Vi-COR sales reps and friends. The big finale came when two giant cows with wheels starting revving their engines.

The two trucks provided entertainment for the evening at the open house. They spent 20 minutes crushing cars, popping wheelies, and spitting dirt in the faces of the very pleased members of the J.W. Morton crew. The trucks have gotten national attention at monster truck expos. They have been able to provide entertainment to loyal Vi-COR consumers as well as expose the brand to many more potential consumers in a fun, memorable way.

Needless to say, the J.W. Morton crew had a wonderful time at the Vi-COR open house, seeing their BIG idea come to life right before their eyes. Good relationships make great work, or perhaps we should say make BIG dreams come true.

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