J.W.Morton Takes Home 2019 ADDY Award

J.W.Morton Takes Home 2019 ADDY Award

J.W.Morton & Associates came home from the 2019 American Advertising Awards with a shiny new trophy in hand. Our entry in the Magazine Print Advertising category garnered a Best in Category award. The entry was a print ad we created for our client, Chore-Time.

A common problem with many bird feeders occurs when chicks climb into the feeder to reach their food. By standing inside, the birds introduce manure and soiled litter, resulting in sanitation risk in the feed ration. In 2017, Chore-Time introduced the Konavi Feeding System that lets birds eat from the outside of the feeder but keeps them from stepping inside.

In 2018, Chore-Time needed to raise the brand message with the customer benefits of the Konavi Feeding System. The award-winning “Clean Plate” ad below demonstrates that the system is designed to prevent baby chicks from standing in their feeders and contaminating their food. By keeping feed clean, the Konavi systems benefits poultry producers by helping them raise healthier birds.

The “Clean Plate” ad is a strong example of conceptual thinking in advertising. It keeps the message simple (e.g., our system keeps your food clean) but illustrates the point with something unexpected (e.g., displaying the feeder as a plate set with cutlery). The creative and surprising combination of image and headline makes for a more memorable ad.

The winning ad – “Clean Plate.”

We entered the ad in the Magazine Print Advertising category where it was awarded Best in Category. Congratulations to all ADDY winners, especially our Chore-Time creative team: Kevin Northway, Senior Art Director; Jack Zumwalt, Copywriter; and Mike Schlotterback, Photographer.




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