What Is Content Marketing And Why Is It So Effective? 

What Is Content Marketing And Why Is It So Effective? 

You might have heard the term “content marketing” before. As consumers have begun to favor a closer relationship with the companies they buy from, content marketing has become a popular way to bridge the gap between consumers and companies. It’s a tried-and-true method of boosting consumer loyalty, conversions, and engagement. It has proven so successful, in fact, that many companies have already embraced some form of it without fully realizing that they have. What is content marketing and why are so many businesses using it?

Content Marketing: What is it and How Does it Work?

Content marketing is all around us. It’s a marketing approach focused on the creation and distribution of valuable and relevant content to attract and retain a certain audience. Marketing speak aside, content marketing consists of email campaigns, blog posts, newsletters, social media posts, and more. Anything your company publishes or sends to a target audience with the intention of providing valuable or useful information to them without a direct product or service pitch is content marketing.

Think about how many companies you know that have a blog on their site, host webinars, or send out frequent newsletters. Those companies are using content marketing to help build and retain an audience. The very blog post you are reading right now is part of our content marketing efforts.

 Why do so many companies use this method?

Why Should You Use Content Marketing?

Content marketing has many advantages over traditional ads. As consumers become more resistant toward traditional ad streams, companies have begun to find other ways to reach consumers more consistently. Offering your audience useful or valuable information can feel like a breath of fresh air amid the endless clutter of ads. Content like blog posts and newsletters also offer companies a chance to display their expertise and educate their consumers on industry topics that help keep them interested in their products and services. Social posts and email campaigns keep your company top of mind by reminding your consumers about your brand, and the potential issues you could help them solve.

It’s a tried and true method, with over 90% of companies using content to help attract consumers. According to Demand Metric, companies that use content marketing see 67% more leads than companies that don’t. They also report that a full 57% of customer bases read content outputted by a company at least once a month.

A lot of this content can also be turned into evergreen content that stays relevant long after its initial publication.

Content marking is a tool that can help your company communicate with your target audience. However, like every other tool in your box, it works best when used in concert with other aspects of your company’s marketing campaigns. Content marketing can easily be used to expand on your current ad campaigns, adding more context or information on special offers, new products, or changes in the industry. For the greatest effect, make sure your content is part of your strategy, and not just an additional box to check off.

Looking for more information on content marketing and how it can work for you? Contact us! We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you get started creating valuable content for your audience.

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