The Power of Video: How to Boost Engagement Through Video

The Power of Video: How to Boost Engagement Through Video

In the age of digital marketing, video has become one of our most powerful tools. According to DemandSage, over 80% of internet traffic is related to video content, and a full 86% of marketers are taking advantage of video in their ad campaigns. But the power of video expands so much further beyond your standard TV or digital ad. Is your company taking full advantage of videos?

4 Ways to Boost Engagement Through Video
  1. Tutorial Videos: Also called an explainer video, tutorial videos give your customers a short demonstration of the product, showing them how it works and what it can do for them. Providing videos like this featuring your products can help potential customers understand the value you’re providing and make informed purchasing decisions.
  2. Customer Interviews: Featuring happy customers is almost never a bad idea. Interviewing customers about their good experiences with your product helps build trust in your brand from new and returning consumers. For any potential buyers on the fence about your product, customer interviews can show them real people using and benefitting from their purchase.
  3. Livestreams: Streaming is an increasingly popular medium among consumers. Livestreams offer a chance for the consumer and company to chat screen to screen. Companies like Google have already started leveraging streams around product launches like Google Analytics 4, allowing them to present their product, answer customer questions, and record the whole session to post on YouTube to continue generating engagement.
  4. Webinars: Like livestreams, Webinars are typically live events for a company to connect with their consumers. Unlike streams, however, webinars tend to be more structured and require an audience to sign up for the presentation before going live. Webinars are a great way to demonstrate your company’s expertise and educate potential customers on topics surrounding your industry. The audience for these events are curated toward the topic being presented since they sign up for the event in advance. Webinars make an excellent tool for B2B companies, as they’re selling to a slightly more professional audience.
Evergreen Videos

One of the best aspects of these kinds of videos is their ability to stick around. Each of the videos above can continue to be useful to customers for years after their original recording. This is a concept called “evergreen content,” which stays relevant and valuable to consumers over time, regardless of industry changes, trends, etc. For example, if you create a tutorial video for your flagship product, that video will remain relevant and useful for as long as that product is on the market.

By fully utilizing the power of video for your company, you can generate higher consumer engagement and build a relationship with your customers. The key is to create engaging content that is informative, creative, and memorable while staying true to your brand.

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