Keepin’ You Hip (September): Tokyo’s Digital Billboard Trial

Keepin’ You Hip (September): Tokyo’s Digital Billboard Trial

This month’s topic: Tokyo’s digital billboard trial.

This month we’re keeping it short and sweet, as we just wanted to share something we’ve come across in the past few weeks – digital billboards in Tokyo that can read your gender and age and switch up the ads accordingly. Yes! It’s true! Sound too futuristic? Think again. These billboards are being tested in subway stations around Tokyo as part of a one-year test. Read the article here for the full story.

So what do you think? Is this OK or does it cross the privacy line? Or are you happy that you may some day only be exposed to billboard ads with products you might actually have an interest in? It definitely gives advertisers and consumers something to think about. In general, billboard advertising can be a powerful tool to build brand awareness and recognition; it can’t be turned off or put down.

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