Angie Conrad

Her hats:

Administrative Assistant, front desk wrangler, organizing virtuoso

Her other life:

Believes life should be well-lived, and that requires not taking yourself too seriously. Fills down time with traveling, reading, drawing, painting, macrame, trying new foods and new restaurants, and biking. Loves to laugh, especially when it’s with her family and two dogs.

Her passion repurposed:

Always willing to help out wherever needed means that no two days are alike. Arranging, proofreading, number crunching, adjusting… it’s all in a day’s work. Or sometimes all within one hour.

Three things that make her feel alive:

  1. Sitting in a unique little coffee shop with a delicious flavored iced coffee.
  2. Getting a massage and being pampered.
  3. Reading a good thriller with a twist at the end.