Greg Westrom

His hats:
Art Director, odds-and-ends finisher and project cleanup crew

His other life:
Loves sports. Eats, sleeps, and breathes basketball. Joined a volleyball league with sister Tiffany and brother-in-law Andrew. Volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters, spending two lunch hours each month with his “little” at his school.

His passion repurposed:
Competitiveness in sports and patience with six graders are skills that transfer well to the J.W.Morton creative court. Gives 110 percent to every project, placing utmost importance on “getting it right.” Cool under pressure and generous with coworkers, never hogs the ball and always shares the credit.

Three things that make him feel alive:

  1. Hanging out with family (whether they like it or not).
  2. Any athletic endeavor, cringe-worthy results and all.
  3. Good music.