Jeff Westrom

His hats:
Co-Founder, Co-Owner, President of Creative Services, designer of historical displays and groan-worthy puns.

His other life:
Chronic do-it-yourselfer who juggles multiple home improvement, landscaping and woodworking projects. Off the clock at JWM means in the dirt at home where landscaping is his number one passion. Planing rough-sawn boards from trees he has felled and turning them into furniture runs a close second.

His passion repurposed:
Built his 3D creative muscle sculpting in college and home remodeling after that. With 40 years under his (tool) belt, the work he is most passionate about is anything three-dimensional for his clients. From trade-show displays to interior first impressions to historical reflections of a company’s legacy.

Three things that make him feel alive:

  1. Celebrating two anniversaries: one with his wife of 42 years, the other with his business partner of 39 years.
  2. Watching his kids and his staff flourish.
  3. Extended client relationships based on hard work and mutual trust.