Jennie Weland

Her hats:
Office manager extraordinaire, number-crunching connoisseur and analytical mastermind

Her other life:
Spends quality time with her husband and two sons by taking part in movie marathons or playing video games. Embraces her green thumb by regularly sprucing up her garden. Knows more than just a thing or two when it comes to DC Comics and Doctor Who.

Her passion repurposed:
An introverted observer who doesn’t miss a beat; she loves the sense of accomplishment she feels whenever the “books balance” and never misses checking off all of her tasks by the end of each work day.

Three things that make her feel alive:

  1. Reading a rotation of well-written books; old, new and everything in-between
  2. When schedules line up perfectly so she can catch up with old friends
  3. Spending quality time with her family, even if it means losing to her sons in a round of video games