Kacie Long

Her hats:
Copywriter, digital enthusiast and content strategist

Her other life:
An INFJ by nature, at least according to Myers-Briggs. Nothing beats analyzing the nuances of the latest Quentin Tarantino flick or the various motifs in Mike Nichols’ The Graduate. Her latest kick has been the cinematography in HBO’s Euphoria. When she’s not indulging in all things media or catching up on the latest pop-culture trends, you can find her spending time with her husband and three rescue dogs.

Her passion repurposed:
A pop-culture aficionado who’s not afraid to try something new in order to achieve exceptional results, Kacie understands the importance of telling a powerful story in order to create a catchy campaign that seeps into society’s collective consciousness.

Three things that make her feel alive:

  1. Traveling to a new country with no agenda
  2. A solid horror movie – think Wes Craven, Eli Roth or anything produced by A24
  3. When everything finally clicks in the midst of learning a new skill or solving a problem