Advertising-Helen G Nassif Community Cancer Center

Building awareness.

Advertising personalized cancer care programs requires a personal approach.

Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center needed an awareness campaign to communicate their capabilities while intertwining their core brand message. Helen G. Nassif offers a personalized approach to cancer care. In other words, they don’t just provide cancer-related services, they form relationships with patients to help create personalized care programs that are made to fit each patient’s individual lifestyle because Helen G. Nassif recognizes the importance of ensuring every person’s aspirations in life are still met, regardless of their relationship with cancer.

Mind the message.

Feelings come first and foremost.

Discussing cancer care is nerve-wracking; evoking a sense of reassurance throughout this campaign was key. Think about it this way: You may not always remember what someone said to you, but you always remember how they made you feel. Helen G. Nassif didn’t need to advertise their clinical features and benefits. They needed to advertise the personalized patient experience. This involved taking people to an emotional place through the advertising message; we achieved this by speaking directly to the audience Helen G. Nassif was trying to reach.

Succinct and personalized.

Messaging that moves people.

Listen to radio spot

“We see you” is a succinct message that embodies what Helen G. Nassif stands for at its very core. It conveys that they see each of their patients as individuals with hopes, dreams and goals and Helen G. Nassif’s goal is to provide patients a sense of reassurance by not only recognizing their individual journeys in life but by helping them get back on track as soon as possible. The headline: “When I saw cancer, they saw me” is a proclamation that personifies Helen G. Nassif’s brand identity. These ads communicate that Helen G. Nassif’s purpose is to help ease patients’ worries by guiding them through their own personalized program. This further pushes the narrative that they don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach, ideally, making potential patients feel cared for and in-control of their well-being.

Powerful creative plus plentiful media placements

Powerful creative plus plentiful media placements
The right message needs to be communicated at the right place, at the right time. We put together a creative strategy that included various media placements to spread our message to a wide audience such as radio, outdoor, paid search and paid social. Together, these placements created an ecosystem that helped reiterate Helen G. Nassif’s message: “We see you.” The goal was to let potential patients know that Helen G. Nassif Cancer Center recognizes every patient is a person and every person has their own vision in life. Helen G. Nassif sees beyond just the patient; they’re not just a number, they’re an individual and Helen G. Nassif wants to help keep patients’ lives on the right track no matter where they’re at in their relationship with cancer.

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