Branding – Vi-COR®

Vi-COR® who?

The challenge of obscurity.

In 2008, Vi-COR® wasn’t on the radar of most dairy and livestock operations. Varied Industries Corporation – as they were sometimes called – produced innovative, all-natural feed ingredients that were proven to deliver performance and health benefits in dairy research tests. The only problem was the right people didn’t know about their advancements. Much less understand the Vi-COR brand.


Revving up the marketing.

The Power of V® for animal health & nutrition.

We launched a bold new branding message, tagline and advertising campaign to increase awareness and make Vi-COR and the Power of V® stand for something real in the dairy market. Comparing the performance of dairy cows to powerful machines resonated perfectly with livestock producers and nutritionists.


Powerful media placements.

Owning the customer’s share of mind.


Vi-COR committed to a very aggressive media campaign that included paid magazine and digital advertising as well as public relations programs. No space was exempt from our new brand messaging. We even placed posters in hard-to-ignore locations at World Dairy Expo.


“They took the time to learn our industry, products and services and have since launched a campaign which has hit our industry by storm.”

– Mark Holt, President


She’s got legs.

Maintaining continuity.


We created a variety of ads, sales materials, a tradeshow display, videos and a new website to unify the Vi-COR brand. We found ways to leverage Holstein cow spots that no one had ever thought to use. The campaign stayed fresh, relevant, and on target.


Going BIG.

Bringing the Power of V® to life.


J.W. Morton introduced BIGFOOT 4×4, Inc. to the Vi-COR marketing team and it was an instant match. Cow spotted BIGFOOT Bessie was born, bringing even more notoriety and attention to Vi-COR and the Power of V brand. Bessie was popular with customers and with more than 77,000 attendees at the World Dairy Expo.


Win. Win.

Making an impact.


As more livestock producers and nutritionists discovered Vi-COR, they saw improved milk production, reduced somatic cell counts and ultimately reduced costs associated with health and feeding. Increased awareness and understanding of Vi-COR products lead to drastically improved sales for the company.

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