Media-University of Northern Iowa

University of Northern Iowa

Providing media placement prowess.

The University of Northern Iowa (UNI) came to us requesting our expertise surrounding media placement strategy, planning and execution. The audience they were looking to reach included teens, who were prospective college students, and those teen’s parents. It was incredibly important to the client that we covered a lot of ground; conveying their story using various mediums. Not to mention the importance of maximizing the budget they were provided. UNI wanted to cover a wide stretch of geography. We recommended placements within the state of Iowa as well as neighboring states in order to reach a substantial audience; the goal was to create a spike in student commitments — and we did just that.

Be nimble and be quick.

We needed a student commitment uptick.

The media planning and buying process required adapting to the evolving needs of two different departments at UNI: University Relations and admissions. This required a year’s worth of consistent communication between our team and UNI’s teams to make sure we were all on the same page and adapted quickly to the ever-changing marketing atmosphere, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure all of their needs were met, we needed to be nimble and responsive; ready to add coverage as well as make adjustments in order to meet our ultimate goal: More student commitments.

This wasn’t our first rodeo.

Our team has unmatched expertise.

Before placing UNI’s creative, it was up to us to make media placement recommendations as well as negotiate on behalf of the client. This was no easy feat. Luckily, we have some serious media-buying buffs with years of experience. Due to our team’s negotiating expertise, UNI received over a 10% bump in value-add media exposure when it was all said and done.

Diverse placements.

Optimal exposure.

After carefully considering UNI’s audience, we strategically placed ads using various media outlets. Out of home was a biggie, covering various locations both in Iowa and its neighboring states. In addition, we chose to advertise via streaming due to more detailed targeting options, not to mention the teen target audience streams video as often as they change socks. Lastly, our media-buying experts decided on advertising via podcasts as well as broadcast radio, sure to hit both desired audiences.

Streamlined service.

Simplified plan.

What really makes our media-buying team unique is their ability to streamline complex tasks for our clients. Our media buyers coordinated hundreds of outdoor media placements between five states and countless media providers, executed using both digital and traditional media tactics, managed budgets and tracked/reported on performance for every single placed ad. This was all consolidated into one simplified media plan, report and payment for our client.

You can’t argue with these results.

Our committed team created committed students.

We were thrilled to see over a 20% uptick in prospective students committing to attending the University of Northern Iowa. It’s safe to say what really sets our agency apart when it comes to media-buying is our adaptability, vast knowledge-base and some serious negotiation skills.

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