TaxACT Super Bowl Spot

TaxACT Super Bowl Spot

Fun news at J.W. Morton today. Our client, 2nd Story Software, maker of TaxACT online tax software and a leader in free tax prep, has formally announced they’ve purchased time on the upcoming Super Bowl national broadcast. J.W. Morton & Associates created and produced the commercial.

The Super Bowl has evolved into an advertising event, as much as a football game; last year viewed by over 110 million people, and the largest TV audience in history. Its quite an honor to be part of TaxACT’s team.

Check back and we’ll post some teasers, tidbits and trivia about the spot.

Funny thing about Super Bowl commercials…

Kevin Northway and I were leaving the post production facility, the last step to finishing up the spot. As we got in the car Kevin said, “Y’know, it doesn’t feel like we just finished a Super Bowl commercial.” We talked about that for a few minutes, as this is a pretty large stage to throw your work onto, and it just seemed like it should feel bigger. The conclusion we came to?

This is what we do every day… make advertising. This spot didn’t get any more passion than any other spot we do for any other client. Maybe it’s just the way we’re wired. But it felt like finishing up every other commercial we’ve worked on. We’re proud of it. Now lets get it on the air.

Now when it airs in front of 110 million people? Maybe that will feel a little different.

Talk to you soon.

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