Super Bowl Q&A: What was your overall vision?

Super Bowl Q&A: What was your overall vision?

Director Wayne Craig, Mechaniks Producer Andrea Kikot and JWM Art Director Connie Collins go over wardrobe options during pre-production meeting.

On location, Dave Morton reviews the shoot schedule with TaxACT’s Cammie Greif and Kris Peterson.

Scott, Steve and Wayne – anything for the perfect shot.

We did a little round-the-table Q/A recently, with the TaxACT creative team to discuss a little of the backstory to making the spot. Here are some highlights.

What was your overall vision for the commercial?

Tell a simple, engaging, fun, human story.
– Kim Ketelsen, Writer/Producer

To create a spot that nearly everyone could identify with, and be entertained by while communicating a product benefit.
Kevin Northway, Senior Art Director

To make a spot that stood out from the pack. I wanted it to be entertaining and present our client as a cool company.
Connie Collins, Senior Art Director

The Super Bowl has become an advertising showcase as much as it’s a football game. There’s an underlying commitment to provide some entertainment value in order for an advertiser to be viewed as credible. So, now we can’t just sell, but we need to entertain and sell “totally free” in the process. – David Morton, Creative Director

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