Super Bowl Q&A: What were the biggest challenges?

Super Bowl Q&A: What were the biggest challenges?

Kris and Cammie from TaxACT enjoy front row seats in “Video Village“ during filming of their Super Bowl TV spot in Los Angeles.

Actress Beth Thieme tries on clothes in wardrobe at Mechaniks in Venice the day before the shoot.

Kevin, Cammie and Kim look as happy as you’d expect someone to look at Gladstone’s on the beach after a great day of shooting.

We did a little round-the-table Q/A recently, with the TaxACT creative team to discuss a little of the backstory to making the spot. Here are some highlights.

What did you feel were the biggest challenges of the commercial?

It’s a toss-up between navigating around all of the network compliance issues and telling a complete story in thirty seconds.
Kevin Northway, Senior Art Director

A huge challenge was figuring out what footage could be used, and what we had to give up. There was a lot of fun stuff that didn’t make the final cut.
Connie Collins, Senior Art Director

Casting – the spot revolves around a little boy. And he really had to deliver a range of expressions. Working with children can be risky, but this ended up being the best part. Our boy – Cole – was fantastic. Not a ton of experience but he delivered take after take.
David Morton, Creative Director

Keeping it simple, engaging, fun and human.
– Kim Ketelsen, Writer/Producer

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