Super Bowl Q&A: How do you want the viewers to feel?

Super Bowl Q&A: How do you want the viewers to feel?

At the TaxACT Super Bowl shoot in L.A., Kris Peterson and Cammie Greif (both of TaxACT) discuss their vision of the TV spot while our own Dave and Connie go over the shooting schedule for the day.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes for our Super Bowl spot’s Sister character at Mechaniks. She brought a bunch herself, in addition to what the wardrobe lady had. And in the end, Sister went barefoot!

Mechaniks executive producer Andre Kikot (wearing glasses) and our fearless leader Dave solve the world’s problems, while independent producer Barry Sattler and director Wayne Craig discuss the next two days of shooting.

We did a little round-the-table Q/A recently, with the TaxACT creative team to discuss a little of the backstory to making the spot. Here are some highlights.

How do you want viewers to feel/think after viewing the commercial, especially about TaxACT?

If people like the commercial, I believe that transfers to the advertiser. The hallmark of a good commercial is that you want to watch it again. If you like the commercial, you’ll like TaxACT. That’s a company I want to do my taxes with.
David Morton, Creative Director

I want viewers to associate feeling “free“ with TaxACT and to view TaxACT as cool enough to simply entertain them and trust them to understand and respond.
– Kim Ketelsen, Writer/Producer

I want viewers to think, “Wow. TaxACT… they seem pretty cool.“
Connie Collins, Senior Art Director

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