Super Bowl Q&A: What did you most enjoy about the whole process?

Super Bowl Q&A: What did you most enjoy about the whole process?

Executive producer Andrea Kikot, our own Connie Collins and intrepid leader Dave Morton meditate on button-down blouses during wardrobe at Mechaniks in Venice.

Our balcony outpost “Video Village“ included a high-res monitor, storyboards and an array of delicious snacks. Seen here are producer Barry Sattler, our own Dave and Connie, TaxACT’s Kris Peterson and executive producer Andrea Kikot.

Kris Peterson (TaxACT), actress Beth Thieme and Cammie Greif (TaxACT) pose in Video Village to prove once and for all who’s the tallest.

We did a little round-the-table Q/A recently, with the TaxACT creative team to discuss a little of the backstory to making the spot. Here are some highlights.

What did you most enjoy about the whole process?

I really enjoyed watching a group of talented professionals take our idea and turn it into reality. The excitement was real, and everyone who worked on this spot embraced it.
Connie Collins, Senior Art Director

I think it’s great that TaxACT is being so bold and confident. The Super Bowl is bold, the concept is bold. And TaxACT really trusted us to run with this. I believe it will pay off.
David Morton, Creative Director

The professionalism of everyone involved in the production of the spot (all Super Bowl rookies).
Kevin Northway, Senior Art Director

There were many great moments in the journey but maybe the best part was the session where four of us at the agency tore apart my first draft script and then all “got“ the better, cleaner story idea – and laughed our butts off.
– Kim Ketelsen, Writer/Producer

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