Media Databases: the Good, the Bad and the Yowza

Media Databases: the Good, the Bad and the Yowza


It was time to research media database companies. Oh, joy.

A media database is an important public relations tool because it gives us access to thousands of media outlets nationwide – TV, newspapers, consumer and trade magazines and radio. It is accessed via the Internet.

Each database company has its benefits and shortfalls and its services are constantly evolving. So we research the market every few years.

Ready… Set… Shop
At JWM we’re always thinking. My thought: I’ll ask Dana, our receptionist/proofreader/researcher/coordinator-of-all-things-that-need-coordinating, for help.

Dana contacted reps at four media database companies. We sat through a GoToMeeting session with each vendor, a very time-consuming and painful process. We had to “de-code” industry speak to be sure we compared apples to apples.

When the dust settled, we weren’t excited about any of the candidates. No one stood above the crowd.

Back To The Drawing Board
We set up a demo with another media database company 9 a.m. the next morning. Since the rep was on Pacific Time, that meant he would need to be at work by 7 a.m., which he was happy to do. (A definite point in his favor!)

The presentation was a success. Courteous and knowledgeable rep, willingness to add media contacts upon request, an extensive trade magazine roster and the flexibility to extend our service package into monitoring upon request.

Frontline Branding
The branding advice we offer our clients proved spot-on with our shopping experience. First, everyone in your company, from the CEO to the receptionist should personify your brand. Make a point of knowing how your frontline people are interacting with customers. Second, you need to stand out from the competition. What makes you unique?

The database company that won our business offered a unique combination: knowledgeable rep bending over backwards to meet our schedule, robust and flexible product, ability to monitor and convenient contract options.


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