Internet-Helen G Nassif

Standing up to cancer

Falling down online.

A cancer diagnosis launches a long and challenging journey. By connecting patients and their families to vital resources, the Helen G. Nassif Community Cancer Center helps reduce anxiety over the unknown. They place the patient at the center of all they do, offering support from diagnosis to recovery.

But when it came to reflecting the cancer center’s commitment to patients, their website fell short. It had the look and feel of a women’s health care site and was difficult to navigate. JWM was charged with creating a gender-neutral design that would give patients and families a more comforting, easy-to-use resource. The client also asked that the website:

  • perform well on multiple devices (including mobile phones and tablets)
  • heighten visibility of cancer center events and activities
  • be user-friendly so staff could manage updates



Patient-centered approach

Inform. Engage. Lead.

A website makeover put a fresh face on the cancer center. We chose Responsive Design because it accommodates mobile devices, which are used in 40% of online searches.

We also chose WordPress, the #1 Content Management System. Its ease of use enables our client to easily update their site. Extensive blogging features allows for simple site-wide syndication of recipes, news items and events. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps them stay competitive for battleground search terms.

case study-IEC-Internet

Design choices reflect client’s mission

Empowering the cancer patient on their journey.

The new website has lots of photos (with round corners) of people interacting, giving it a friendly and welcoming vibe, something greatly needed for visitors who are navigating a tough time in their lives.

Everything from content to color choices promotes an uplifting user experience, while SEO connects more patients with quality care.

Heavy traffic ahead

More patients finding quality cancer care.

One year after the website redesign, daily page views are up over 300% and bounce rate is down over 20%. Visitor desktop use has doubled, while mobile and tablet use has tripled for each.


Our client appreciates the enhancements because they are integral to the cancer center’s patient-centered mission. “The new website’s updated search features make it easier for patients and their families to find extensive information about patient treatment, care and recovery, as well as related support services and programs,” said Kimberly Ivester, administrative director.

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